Carrie Fisher

In 1987, Carrie Fisher published her first novel, Postcards From the Edge, a semi-autobiographical work reflecting her time in a drug rehabilitation clinic. It was an instant hit that launched her secondary career as an author and playwright. The story is broken down into sections. The first details the month actress Suzanne Vale spends in […]


Twenty years ago, I was living in a 70-year-old small, dingy apartment in the above-ground basement of a mansion in Germany. It was originally a maid’s quarters. And it was depressing as all get-up. After a couple of years there, I got permission from my landlord to spruce the place up a little. He allowed […]

Paranoia Runs Deep

Apparently, 80% of Americans are worried about the possibility of an imminent nuclear war ( Are they right to be? I’ve always enjoyed Apocalyptic movies such as Fail Safe and Dr. Strangelove, which depict nuclear catastrophes that occur due to the failure of programs in place to prevent accidental nuclear war. Both films end with […]

Easy Riders

In 1969, when I was 14, the Hell’s Angels descended on the quiet little mountain village of Big Bear, California, over Labor Day weekend. The San Bernardino-based group had announced their impending visit in advance, and all the townsfolk were in a tizzy over it. After all, 200 of the outlaw bikers, rampaging on Harley-Davidsons, […]

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