Review: “I Am a Gay Wizard”

Sometimes being a wizard isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This can be especially true if you don’t really believe you are one. But there are occasions when wizardry, like greatness, can be thrust upon you.

Johnny, a gay high schooler, is half-heartedly dabbling in magic with his trans friend Alison, who is deeply invested in the art.  After being subjected to a violent anti-LGBTQ attack, the two perform an act of magic so powerful that it attracts the attention of a cadre of wizards running a school for incipient practitioners. But when the two teens discover what the institution is really up to, they set off on a quest to put an end to its efforts altogether.

Along the way, Johnny is pursued by an entity straight out of his worst nightmare….

V. S. Santoni’s debut Young Adult novel is an insightful, contemplative yet gripping look at the notions of what we call “real.” In the guise of the adventures of a budding magician, it explores deep ideas about the nature of dreams and consciousness.

He teases us with his is-it-real-or-not imagery as Johnny traverses several levels of existence in his attempts to not only escape from the concrete prison in which he is incarcerated, but also his personal one: his own being, hopes and desires.

This is a true teen coming-to-awareness story. At once fast-paced and studied, it leads us along a path that many of us spend our entire lives following: The passage to self-discovery.

Published by T L Trevaskis

Author of The Forgotten Disturbed. Explorer of spirituality, consciousness and magic. Psychonaut.

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