Carrie Fisher

In 1987, Carrie Fisher published her first novel, Postcards From the Edge, a semi-autobiographical work reflecting her time in a drug rehabilitation clinic. It was an instant hit that launched her secondary career as an author and playwright.

The story is broken down into sections. The first details the month actress Suzanne Vale spends in rehab for cocaine addiction. It is written from two viewpoints, in first person as Suzanne alternating with first person as the secondary character, Alex Daniels. The other sections are in third person, and follow Suzanne through various travails of her glamorous-yet-tepid life. It is witty, charming, startling and insightful; a wonderful read.

Towards the end, however, is my favorite passage:

“I don’t know,” said Suzanne. “Maybe there’s some kind of joy I’ve never experienced, where you’re just flouncing around and giving everybody minute-by-minute updates on your never-ending glee.”

My god — Princess Leia invented Facebook!

Published by T L Trevaskis

Author of The Forgotten Disturbed. Explorer of spirituality, consciousness and magic. Psychonaut.

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