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UFO Dream

On 04 July 2007, I had the first of what would become 15 nearly-consecutive dreams about UFOs. These dreams continued until January of the following year, sometimes two in a week. This first one occurred the night after I attended a MUFON meeting in Portland, Oregon, an event celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first flying saucer sighting over the city.  

The dream was not particularly visual; it was more suggestive than anything else. This is how it went: 

The aliens appear to be like anyone else. One encounters them in everyday places—on a bus, in a bar, in a grocery store. They start up an innocuous conversation. A very tall, thin,  insectile man stands in a queue with other people. He appears out of place. 

The aliens are hard to spot. As Jack Nicholson said in Easy Rider, they are people just like us. They come and go among us without being identified. They have fully adapted to our culture and lifestyle, and so do not stand out unless one is particularly observant. We stand in queue with them. They engage in small talk. They buy food and drink and ride on buses, drive cars and live in houses. But they can still be known. All it takes is a little attention, a little awareness.

The tall gray man, thin and wiry, stands out from the others around him. He is not like them, exactly. He is close enough in appearance that one does not take him for an alien, yet his body shape is different. He is too slim, too tall, too gray. His arms and legs are too long. He seems a bit uncomfortable. He does not belong here, and he knows it. Yet he is confident, and joins with the others without fear. He stands in queue.

This first dream awoke in me a desire to know if aliens were, in fact, amongst us. It made me hyper-vigilant, on the lookout for them. And a few days later, this vigilance paid off. For I saw this man, this alien, in an everyday setting. I ran across him in the parking lot of a Home Depot. He was walking from his car to the store. He was exceptionally tall, with overly long arms and legs. He was very insectile in appearance, and walked with a stumbling gait, as if he was not used to the movement of his muscles. He left me with a creepy feeling.

 So what did I actually encounter? I don’t know for sure. Something unusual, at any rate. Whatever had happened that day, it set me on a quest, reading every book I could find on UFOs and alien encounters (plus some forays into some other, equally conspiratorial, subjects). It’s been a fun occupation, and has certainly affected my thinking.  


Published by T L Trevaskis

Author of The Forgotten Disturbed. Explorer of spirituality, consciousness and magic. Psychonaut.

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